Friday, August 19, 2011

Butter Butter Butter

I love butter, no I mean I LOVE butter. Not a big fan of Margarine. Especially after I found out that it's actually a terrible gray color before they add things to make it yellow. I mean, would you eat it if it came in the original gray color....I think not. Read about some of the Evils of Margarine here.... This Is Your Brain On Margarine


This morning I was making toast and of course when you take the butter out of the fridge it's IMPOSSIBLE to spread without destroying your bread. So I Googled "How long can I keep butter out before it goes rancid?" and here's what I found out.

Butter usually can be kept out for several days without going rancid (salted butter will keep longer because salt acts as a preservative). Exactly how long butter will stay fresh at room temperature depends on how much heat and light it gets and whether it’s wrapped.

Margarine Vs Butter ~ Truth & Fiction 

One thing I had that worked out great was this Butter crock. You replace the water in it every 3 days and your butter can stay out for a month...LOVED IT! It was under $20.00 and well worth it. 


Some of you might say...."Ohhhh butter is bad, cholesterol, fattening". I say SHUT UP!! Eat in moderation dammit and enjoy the wonder that is butter!

I made a video a while ago showing 2 ways you can double your butter.


  1. Don't tell me to shut up! I eat butter Missy and I love it! I've seen those butter crocks but never bought one.

  2. I quit buying Margerine over a year ago .Butter is the only way to go!

  3. You're just trying to butter us up...

    PS: have always hated margarine

  4. I ended up at a table at a wine tasting with a dairy farmer couple a couple years ago and learned all about butter at room temperature. Margarine is flat out frightening. I haven't bought it for over 10 years now and am pleased to report my veins are no longer plastic. :)