Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Quilling Project

I've been making quilling projects for years. It's a very easy, low cost, craft. I just put on some headphones with my favorite music and quill away!

Here's a look at a work in progress that I recently did.

I start by printing a saying on card stock or any paper that I like for that particular project. Then I add the quilled scrolls to it by gluing the edge of the strips to it.

 After quilling some flowers and leaves I start building on the scrolls

 Here's the finished project. Now I just need to frame it in to a shadow box.
I made a similar one for a friend years ago and because I liked it so much (especially the saying ) I decided to make one for myself.

Here's another project I made for my son and his wife with their wedding photo and invitation. I matted the photos and added quilled flowers to the edges. All framed in a shadow box. Calla lillies were her wedding flowers. They loved it!

If you're interested in learning to Quill here's a book, The Book of Paper Quilling, I think is great for beginners. It's got instructions, supplies you'll need and project ideas that you can build from.

If you make your own projects don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter. I'd love to see them.

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